How many times do you get to celebrate turning a hundred years old? A few times a century at best, right? That’s why we thought it’d be a good idea to take some time to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Citroën, one of the most consistently weird car companies, with a little Jason Drives mini-series focused on that most Citroëny of Citroëns, the 2CV.

Our good pals at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville had the perfect setup for us: a whole bunch of 2CVs, of all different types and levels of bonkers-ness. We got to drive an original, first-gen nine horsepower 2CV, a bare 2CV chassis, a narrowed “1CV,” a 4x4 Mehari 2CV variant, and a really bonkers double-ended 2CV fire service vehicle.

There will be spit-takes

Oh, and because this is a special mini-series, I brought a special mini-person to help me out, my 8-year-old son Otto, who got pretty exhausted and a bit cranky in that hot, hot Nashville sun. Also he just learned how to flip people off, so we got to enjoy some of that, too.

I think these turned out great and should be a blast. Happy centenary, Citroën, the only major carmaker started by a Jewish guy, the company that brought hydropneumatic suspension to the masses, and a company that’s still pretty bonkers today.


Oh, and Citroën doesn’t sell anything in America, and the only cars we drove were decades out of production, so don’t think I’m shilling, because I’m not. But whatever the hell you want.


This’ll be fun. Stay tuned.

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