Japanese Wall-Climbing Laser-Controlled Cars All We Want For Christmas

Takara Tomy already had our interest with Aero Spider cars, capable of racing up walls with the use of reverse suction fans. Now they blast into awesome with "laser" control. Thank Gamera there's video of these wall-climbing machines in action.

Radio control is so old-fashioned. You know who used radios? Patton's army. That's how old radios are. "Laser" control is where it's at. And while the "laser" appears to be a bright light similar to what you'd find on a Nerf gun sight, the use of light sensors on the car to determine location of said laser light and vector the car toward it instead of signals from a controller is an interesting twist on an already interesting concept.


For just about $65 a pop, sign us up.

[Getty Images, Technabob]

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