James May Responds To Alabama Hicks

As we showed yesterday, this week's episode of Top Gear featured a scene where the threesome of on-air talent and their crew were pelted with stones after painting some "provocative language" on the sides of some beaters in sweet home Alabama. With horribly outrageous epithets like "Hillary For President" and "country music is rubbish," it seemed only natural the trio was in for a whooping, right? Obviously. Even Captain Slow agrees he should have seen it coming — after being warned by some "American modernists" that the fine southern gentlemen wouldn't take very kindly to even a light bit of mocking from effete Englishmen. But in all seriousness — if I were to go to a pub in Germany wearing a Manchester United jersey — do you think I would be leaving in pristine condition, much less alive? Probably not. But James May does have one point — it's really hard to find places to buy a swastika t-shirt in Europe. Of course that's also because in most European countries it's illegal to sell such a thing. I guess that's what makes the good ol' US of A great — or something like that. the original vid's below the jump, along with the link to May's comments.

Sweet home Alabama? [Top Gear via Digg]


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