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Tuesday night was the big unveiling of the 2014 Range Rover Sport here in New York City. Daniel Craig, aka James Bond, was paid $1 million to drive the car into the unveiling. He then said nothing and left. Stealthy or shitty?


I was at the event on Tuesday night when Craig drove the car in. We were expecting him to get out of the car and at least say something. "Bond. James Bond." "I'll have a vodka martini, shaken, not stirred." "I like apples." "I appreciate Land Rover's support of my favorite charity."

Something. We expected something.

Instead, he walked out. This is what Land Rover told the NY Post:

We won’t comment on our relationship with Mr. Craig beyond confirming that Land Rover supports the charity S.A.F.E., of which the actor is a patron, and will continue its charitable efforts with a vehicle donation later this year.


I can't say I'm totally surprised. Last year I attended Pebble Beach with Jaguar/Land Rover, and we went to an incredible Playboy Party in the hills. Tough life, I know.

They invited Wyclef Jean, Adrien Brody, and Christina Hendricks to the party. They made an entrance, were very polite, smiled nicely for photos, and then disappeared into the party. They sat around, hung out, but weren't interacting with us plebes.

Celebs are all well and good, but they need to embrace the guests. Land Rover says Daniel Craig exhibits the qualities of the brand and embodies the spirit of Land Rover.


Might want to reconsider that.

UPDATE: Last night I spoke to Jaguar/Land Rover, and they gave me this statement on Craig's involvement in the event:

It's a silly story. They have no information on what our agreement is and we would not comment on any related speculation. And we, the live audience and online viewers thoroughly enjoyed the unprecedented cinematic reveal through the streets of New York. The video and drive starring Daniel Craig made for an entertaining debut of a dynamic new Land Rover. The video can be watched at

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