jalopnik's Bad-Taste Photo Caption Contest, Day 4: Hooverin'!

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Nothing excites the masses like a man in ladies' delicates with his bits 'n' pieces pointin' toward the out end of the combustion chamber that's what we always say. And apparently, we're borne out on this. Monday, we'll bring you the winner of this darn fool charade, but you've still got the weekend to toss your entries into the ring. Today's focus is on everyone's favorite lawman, J. Edgar Hoover. In case you wanna get a peek a the full scandal, the non-black-dotted version is here. As ever, entries go to tips@jalopnik.com, latest non-winny-yet-worthies after the jump.

"While he was considered a sharp dresser, little did those in Washington imagine that J. Edgar had a pension for limeys." -Alex

"J. Edgar Hoover aficionado loves new Range Rover." -Ross

On Ford's AFA Problems:
"Ford's attempt at winning back gay buyers goes a little too far." -Michael


"The president of the AFA? Oh, he's out working on his Landie. Can he call you back?" -Alex

More Honorable Attempts:
"Emissions Testing in Arkansas" -J.

"Ok Gerald, you win. You're right, you can do your Rover doggystyle; the McRib is yours. However, i'm keeping the fries 'cuz your manboobs, though ample, scream Brown Freelander, not Vesuvius Range..." -Andrew

"Check your vehicle often for performance robbing debris that may have become attached while driving thru unfamiliar areas." -Tom

"Derrick Smyth, Earl of the county of Buckinghamshire, poses proudly with his latest dogging conquest". -Snehal


"SWM - 45, 210, Blonde, BDSM, Crossdressing, Auto Enthusiast. Average bachelor looking for a woman who can operate an accelerator on my pristine Range Rover, age/race & looks are unimportant." -Jonathon

Fave of the Day:
Charles recent wager with Nigel over strict literal exactness had been going well that afternoon that is until Lucas Electric reared its head once again, causing the words Fuck this bloody piece of shit! to leave Charles lips before he thought of its newfound consequences.


And a Bit of Brown-Nosing:
"Okay Spinelli, NOW can I get an invite to become a commentor?" -Mason

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