Attention! The intern supply at Jalopnik is dipping dangerously low, and we need replacement bodies to replenish the supply! If you've got two thumbs, 8 fingers and can string some sentences together, you might be The Next Jalopnik Intern.

Our current crop of crop of interns is about to go off to continue their pursuit of higher education, so we're looking for a fresh group of highly motivated and car-centric people to take the interning reins.

We're going to need folks from the Los Angeles, Detroit, New York and Houston areas who don't mind commuting to a sweet gig.

The Basic Requirements: A high school senior's grasp of the English language, hands that can type, more than a passing interest in cars and all that they entail, and a sense of humor. Boring people need not apply. Knowledge of the internet is also a plus. Have a Facebook? Good! Twitter? Even better. (But really, if you don't have a Facebook, you might have to hand in your internet card anyway.) Also, if you can follow directions like a trained monkey, we'll probably think you're pretty cool.

Extra Stuff That Would Be Cool To Know: How Photoshop works. How to work Photoshop. Cameras are cool too. If you've got photography experience, send us some snaps as well. And of course, a few prior writing samples are always good to see, but not absolutely required right off the bat.


When The Party Starts: We're looking to get the new batch of recruits going by the first week of September. The actual duration of the gig can vary. Hours too, though not too much.

How To Apply: Send us a cover letter and resume (NO ATTACHMENTS) by August 20th. Any photo and writing samples, if you've got them, should also be included in the same email (still, not attached). Put INTERNSHIP APPLICATION in the subject line, and send it to Kelsey and Martin (our current interns, who will be harshly judging you throughout this whole process) at: interns at jalopnik dot com. Failure to follow these directions will pretty much result in immediate deletion, so pay attention!

Deadline: We're going to stop accepting applications by August 20th, so get yours in by then! Also, that's Martin's birthday. If you wish him a happy one in your email, he will look more favorably upon you. Kelsey will be a hard-ass no matter what.


So best of luck, break a leg, go get 'em tiger, and we hope to see you on the other side of the velvet rope in the coming weeks!