Jalopnik Team Party Crash: Auto Media And Liquor, Never Sicker

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There comes a time in every young automotive blog's life when it's time for him to become a man. Last night was that time as we celebrated our 2 1/3 anniversary in swanky style at the Manhattan Classic Car Club. With a night spent drinking and downing loin-burgers in Lutzian style we're assuming we had fun but the hangover headache, combined with holes in the memory, made this morning at the Javits Center a painful one. What we do remember is the party guests were an eclectic mix of Midwestern media-types and Manhattan blogger elite randomly spiced with automotive advertising and public relations quasi-professionals. We could say more, but you know, we'd rather just let the pictures tell the tale for us. That's mostly because we can't remember much more than that.


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I remember the day I woke up with that pocket of flab under my chin. Ever since, I have tried and tried and tried to get rid of it to no avail and I end up looking like a fat sack of crap in all my pictures. Maybe I should just grow a beard like Davey and hide it.