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Jalopnik T-Shirt Slogan Search

Illustration for article titled Jalopnik T-Shirt Slogan Search

After more than two years' worth of awkward self-importance, enough noun-verb agreement slips to choke a busload of adjunct violin instructors from Uzbekistan, and a whole crapload of cars, we're finally getting Jalopnik T-shirts made. Carrying forward the proud Gawker t-shirt tradition, we need a slogan. Because we would be nothing without our beloved readership, we're asking for your help coming up with something befitting a Jalopnik T. The winner of the Great Jalopnik T-Shirt Slogan Search will get one of the first Ts made, and a hearty congratulations from us. What did you want, royalties?


Send you entries to, even if you put them in the comments. Good friggin' luck.

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Mike Spinelli

Nope, fire away.