Our intrepid road test editor Wes Siler was really looking forward to this week out in California. He'd lined up a Lotus long-lead drive and was planning on spending a few hours on the track taking some sharp corners and fast straights. Then he decided it made sense to spend a few hours in the Cali backwoods behind the handlebars of some little girl's bike a Yamaha. Normally for Wes, as you can see in the above photo, that's just a relaxing afternoon. Except yesterday wasn't so relaxing as he took a bit of a tumble and broke a bone or two in his left arm โ€” in a couple of places. Never fear, he's in good spirits, and the surgery to fix the arm is complete, but for the next couple of months the only seat time he'll be getting is on a merry-go-round at Coney Island. We're looking forward to having him back on his feet in a couple of days, and behind the wheel again in a couple months, but if you were looking forward to part three of his 2008 Honda Accord Coupe review or part two of his 2009 Honda Pilot review, sadly you may have to wait a few days. But, feel free to berate him leave your well-wishes in the comments below. We know he'd love to respond first hand, but since he's only got one of those to type with he'll at least be reading them in between visits from SoCal candy stripers and warm sponge baths.