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Jalopnik Rental-Car Reacharound: Put Down That Yaris! Buy a Used Civic!

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In our occasionally - occasional "Rental Car Reacharound" series, we (and our readers) comment on vehicles we've rented. Got a rental car story? Keep it to 500 words (or less, or maybe a couple more) and send it to In this installment, Davey G. weighs in on the '05 Honda Civic LX sedan he rented from Enterprise at Oakland Airport over the weekend.


Yes, the last-gen Civic got a bunch of crap for not being fast enough; for being too conservatively-styled. And we have to admit, we hadn't driven one until this past weekend. But you know what it reminded us of once we got behind the wheel? Nothing less than our old, beloved '90 Legend. Sure, it didn't have the silky, snarly 2.7L V6, but it also didn't have the crappy turning circle or torque steer. We also admit we lost the appliance-white car in parking lots a few times. But hot damn if we weren't more sad to see that Civic go than anything we've rented in the last year.

We think the new Civic is super-neat in a techy-gizmo sort of way. We love the '90 Civic hatchback's styling and its tossability. The late '90s Civics had a solid feel to them, but we weren't huge on the headlights. But the last Civic — at least our four-door LX — has everything you'd want in basic transportation without all of the crap you don't need. So don't buy a Yaris. Don't buy a Fit. Don't buy a Versa. And for God's sake, don't go buying a used Corolla. Go find yourself an off-lease Civic if you're in need of a transpo-mobile. Just like Country Dick Montana, you'll be a happy boy. Hubba-hubba-hubba-hubba-hubba!


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