Jalopnik Question of the Day: What Will Happen to Champ Car?

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Just like that, in a slash of the accountant's broadpen, Ford has withdrawn its sponsorship of the Champ Car World Series, the open-wheel racing series once known as CART. Ford Racing Technology head, Dan Davis, said the company's sponsorship, "does not align with our current business objectives." Those objectives, we'd imagine, include clawing back toward profitability. So what will happen to the Champ? A merge with Indy or some other, less high-profile, fate? You call it, we listen.


Champ Car World Series

Press Release:

DEARBORN, Mich., January 24, 2007 - Ford Motor Company announced today that it would no longer serve as an official sponsor of the Champ Car World Series. Ford had participated in Champ Car and its predecessor, CART, since re-entering open-wheel racing in 1992.


"We evaluate all of our racing programs on an annual basis and have decided that this sponsorship does not align with our current business objectives," said Dan Davis, director of Ford Racing Technology. "Although we are leaving open wheel racing at this time, we're proud of our long relationship with Champ Car, its teams and drivers, and we wish them well as they try to grow the sport."

Ford's withdrawal from Champ Car will not affect the other racing programs the company currently supports, including NASCAR's three major national touring series, the NHRA PowerAde Drag Racing Series, both the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car and KONI Challenge Series and several series sanctioned by USAC.

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There's been talk of an Indy merger forever, and it never seems to happen. I've given up hope on that front.

I haven't given up on Champ Car yet, thouth. Theoretically, they'll make it. They own Cosworth, so they'll still have the same engines, jsut without the FoMoCo badging. And they should have a much fuller field this year with the cheaper Panoz DP01 chassis. Overall, the series looks better than it did at this time last year. But as they've now lost Bridgestone and Ford as title sponsors. Eventually, they're going to need someone to pony up some cash to put their name on the series if they want to continue as an independent series.