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Jalopnik Precast: Lexus Park Thyself, Ford's New Coupish Focus, Buick's Latest Virus

Illustration for article titled Jalopnik Precast: Lexus Park Thyself, Fords New Coupish Focus, Buicks Latest Virus

On today's Jalopnik Precast, Spinelli and Farago discuss the whys and wherefores of the new Lexus LS's self-parking feature and judge Ford's new Focus coupe — as captured by spy photographers — for its sameness to the old Focus hatch. Of course, this one's got way more "Dave." They also look at Buick's latest viral-advertising video, which succeeds in awkwardness where it fails in execution.


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There were around 3,000 (total 4 & 5 door models for U.S. & Canada) Mazda 3's involved in the M/V Cougar Ace incident.

I wonder if the loss of those cars tightened supplies to the point that it impacted sales?

[ PDF Lists of the VIN's of all Mazdas affected by the Cougar Ace incident.]