Jalopnik Precast: Divining Hummer's Fate, Audi's Next Burner

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On today's Jalopnik Precast, Spinelli and Farago discuss loose talk that GM will kill the slow-selling H2, and what's happened to Hummer's military chic. Then they wonder what manner of powerplant will drive the Audi RS6. What's for the better, twin-turbo V8 or V10? We'll see.


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Al Navarro


There is something I had wanted to comment on here but didn't see an opportunity...maybe I should have suggested a Question of the Day to Jonny: "What's the best/worst example of someone who clearly doesn't deserve the expensive car they are driving." And I'm talking through their actions...and not just because they are Paris Hilton.


The other day I was down in Princeton NJ, in Palmer Square...the quaint little shopping district next to the university. And there's this guy in a new Quattroporte who is attempting to parallel park. No kidding, he goes back and forth at least a dozen times and the space isn't even tight. I nearly offered to do it for him.

I've heard the Cambiocorsa can be recalcitrant, but it was Austin Powers k-turn style funny.