Hey automotive insiders, writers, designers and fan-boys โ€” everyone's favorite site obsessed with the cult of cars may be looking for a talented part-time contributor. Are you the right man... or woman... for the job?

We're always looking for a few good car-obsessive folks, and today even more-so. If we were hiring, we'd be looking for someone with quality writing bona fides, ability to take good photos and some serious photoshop skills โ€” along with speed, smarts and ability to accept high levels of responsibility โ€” for part-time work that may lead to a full-time position depending on how talented the candidate is.

We'd probably prefer someone located in Metro Detroit or sunny SoCal, but we're flexible.

If you're interested and think you've got the chops to fit the bill, e-mail your resume, links to relevant writing samples, p-shop and photo work to me with the subject line of "Resume." If you don't have that kind of stuff online, and can't figure out how to e-mail me โ€” well, that may not be the best first impression. Just sayin'...