Jalopnik Poll: Which Automaker PR Chief Is Out The Door?

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It's been a rocky thirteen months for the talking heads manning the turrets of the automotive towers of power in Detroit. There's been precious little good news to go around, and when it has come it's always been just before, just after or just during a fiery hailstorm of fecal matter flung from both outside the tower walls as well as via friendly fire. Now we're hearing for the first time in print something we've been hearing from a variety of different "anonymous" sources around town for the past week — one of the three D-town kingpins of spin may be taking his leave from his post very shortly. Marty over at TheCarConnection's blog is starting the rumor mill turning by asking:

"Which top PR man at one of the domestics is widely rumored to be on his way out the door?"


Given that we happen to feel our readers are not just as enlightened, but more enlightened, as any automotive pundit or industry observer, we're gonna let you tell us who you think is out the door — or staying on for a little bit more of the feces-flinging action. That said...


The Rumor Mill [TCC Confidential]

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Am I the only one who thinks it's funny the kid who runs [GMSource.com] has a picture of himself standing with Dr Z as his avatar? Is the boy confused?