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So I was e-mailing with a gal-pal this morning about her latest dating experience. She'd mentioned all the things about said guy that were right; that he seemed great on paper, but she just wasn't that into him. And then she mentioned the deal-breaker. He'd rather have a bicycle than an Aston Martin. Now, said gal-pal is not a money-grubber or a gold-digger, but she does have rather good taste in vehicles, and I got to thinking (and this is a thought I'd had for years) that a girl who can really pull off an Aston is the sort of girl I want to date, as in Aston, specifically.

As in really look right in the car. I'm not particularly concerned with the likes Paris Hilton who can barely operate a McMerc but owns one anyway. I mean a girl who really looks at home in her car; that comes across as if she's as necessary to the driver's-seat padding as the upholstery. Have at it, boys.

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