Jalopnik Plays With The Ford Sync System Again, Shows Off USB And Text Messaging Capabilities

We sent Gawker videographer Alex Goldberg to catch a demonstration of Ford's Microsoft-built Sync audio system out in NYC yesterday. This is the same system we were so amazed with before the Detroit Auto Show. Check out the above video to see a Ford PR staffer talk to his car, and then blatantly pander to our videographer by sending a text message of "gawker rules" to the Sync-ed up phone — all while showing off this amazingly cool system.

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my favorite car is a motorcycle

just a few questions:

- Does it come standard on the Ford Canyonero?

- What is the monthly "service" fee, and do you send it to Dearborn or Redmond?

- What antivirus software do you recommend one use with it?

- Does Bill Gates' Lexus have this crap in it?