When we spotted the GEM Peapod outside of Chrysler's world headquarters in Auburn Hills and later with an actual press release, we couldn't help but think it has a face made for photochopping. We mean come on, it's so smiley! As a result, we want you to put your clever caps on and chop the heck out of this thing. Don't feel limited to the gated, smiley community, there's always the possibility of making it frowny too. Or a tyrannosaurus rex. Whatever you want, just use your imagination. Whatever you decide to do, remember to e-mail me your work at ben@jalopnik.com and we'll have a run-off vote for the winner. Feel free to post 'em in the comments section and if you need a little help on how to do that, check out the commenting guide here. Now go have fun. Also, hit the jump to see how we started off the car Peapod-shopping craziness!