Jalopnik is looking for a new intern

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It's 11:00 AM. If you don't get your fix of Answers of the Day soon you're going to completely lose it. You have a fever and the only cure is more AOTD. Sadly, Martin Grossinger, our highly skilled intern who usually puts it together has abandoned Jalopnik after two summers to continue his pursuit of a higher education. Do you have the guts to take his place?

Our summer interns are returning to their lives as college student which is certainly the biggest mistake they'll ever make. Let their folly be your opportunity and become the next proud member of the Jalopnik team.

The Basic Requirements: We're looking for someone to assemble our daily Answer of the Day list as well as perform other uniquely awesome intern tasks. To do this you'll need the following skills:

  • Writing skills
  • Image editing skills
  • Humor skills
  • Car knowledge skills
  • Punctuality skills
  • Internet skills

If you have the above abilities here are a few bonus skills that'll put you over the top like Sylvester Stallone:

  • Living in the NYC area skills
  • Being able to occasionally commute to our fancy SoHo offices skills
  • Advanced photoshopping skills
  • Twitter skills

When You Will Be Needed: As soon as we get an intern we'll be able to start rolling out AOTD again. We'll take submissions starting today through Wednesday. This is a fall semester internship starting as soon as we're able to draft you into the Jalopnik service. AOTD requires roughly three hours per day for five days so that's the minimum time requirement.


How To Apply: Send us a cover letter and resume by Wednesday, September 7th. Any photo and writing samples, if you've got them, should also be included in the same email. As a way of testing your judgment, we also ask that you review today's Question of the Day and select the ten answers from the comments you'd feature in your AOTD. Here's the format:

Suggested By:
Why it's the best compact sedan ever:

Make sure to put INTERNSHIP APPLICATION in the subject line, and send it to matt at jalopnik dot com. Failure to follow these directions will result in immediate deletion and great personal shame.