Jalopnik Is Hosting An IndyCar Fantasy League. Come Join Us!

We're giving away prizes to the top three podium finishers.

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Photo: Chris Owens / Penske Entertainment

Are you a big IndyCar fan? Are your foresight skills so on point that your friends call you Cassandra? Do you just like cool prizes? Whatever the case, we’ve got something for you: Jalopnik is hosting our first-ever IndyCar Fantasy League, and we want you to join us for a season of good racing.

If you need a little incentive to participate, we’re giving away prizes to the top three competitors in the challenge. And while myself and Lalita Chemello will be participating, we’re not going to nab any prizes from you — promise!

  • First Place: Two tickets for a 2023 IndyCar race of your choice
  • Second Place: One 2023 IndyCar Nation membership OR IndyCar online store gift card of equal value
  • Third Place: Jalopnik swag bag

Other prizes will likely be added throughout the season — including a little something for the person who makes their predictions every race and somehow ends up scoring dead last.


To get started, we just need a few pieces of information from you: your name and your email address, which you can provide here. (This information won’t be provided publicly, we just need it to invite you to the league and to let you know if you’ve won!)

Once you give us your information, we’ll use your email address to add you to the Jalopnik league on the IndyCar website. You’ll receive an invitation to join the IndyCar Fantasy League website as well as our specific league.


From there, things are pretty simple. You pick the drivers you think will come first, second, and third in the race. You’ll also be asked to enter a lap speed for what you think will be the fastest lap of the race; this is the Tie Breaker. The closer you are to that speed, the better you’ll rank when compared to other competitors who picked the exact same podium as you.

(And if you’re a big Rules Guy, you can read the full list of rules here.)

We’re looking forward to competing with you this year!