Jalopnik Is Hiring Video Producers, And Andrew Collins Is Our New Reviews Editor

Hello, my darlings. How are you? Have you been driving like champions every day, like I humbly suggest to you on a regular basis? It’s been so long since we’ve talked, you know, just you and me! I wanted to let you all know about some changes and openings around here at Jalopnik. Perhaps you’re even the person for the job.


First, some promotions have occurred recently. The inimitable Jason Torchinsky has been promoted from Associate Editor to Senior Editor, which is basically the same gig for him with a better paycheck and now he has access to the nuclear codes too. Please say congrats to Jason!

Second, you may remember last fall when we went looking for a Reviews Editor, someone to be our primary car tester and chief “do fun shit in cool cars” person. I’m very pleased to say that after a long search that involved talking to dozens of candidates, we have found the right fellow for the job: our own Andrew Collins.

Over the past few years Collins has led readers through some of Jalopnik’s most memorable adventures. He’s been on hellrides in Mexico, partied with Bill Caswell and lived to tell the tale, exposed the biggest cover-up in the world of pickup trucks, revealed what it’s really like to live with a $400,000 supercar when you’re a normal working schlub, and many more great stories I can’t even begin to count.

Collins will soon ramp up our tests of old and new cars, redesign the Jalopnik Reviews format from the old numbered system you all came to hate, deliver a lot more video review content, and make sure you have a bottomless well of stories about ill-advised capers in the world’s best (and worst) vehicles.

Now, more news: we are hiring again! In the past few months we’ve added Terrell Starr and Ryan Felton to our full-time staff in New York. Now we need video folks.

If you’re a video badass, we have two openings at the moment for a creative video producer and a video editor. We are looking for people with more than two years experience in digital video production who are obsessed with car culture to help turn our best stories into memorable videos across several platforms. Apply in the links above.


In addition, we are hiring a Managing Editor, someone who will report directly to myself and Mike (I apologize in advance for this) to help us run the day-to-day operations of Jalopnik. If you have newsroom experience in management, copy editing, line editing and social media, and you have a passion for telling great stories about speed, we need to talk. Please apply here.

All of these positions are at GMG’s unionized newsroom in New York. If you have any questions, feel free to leave one in the comments or email me directly.


There. I’m glad we had this talk.

Editor-in-Chief @ Jalopnik, 2015-2019.



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