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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Jalopnik Is Hiring A Tech Reporter And A Reviews Editor

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The future of the car is centered on autonomy, electrification, technology and the broad umbrella of “mobility.” But what does all that mean for the people who love to drive? Maybe your work can help us answer that question. Come work with us and find out.

It’s a new day at Jalopnik. Under our new owners at Univision, we’re poised to grow, reach new audiences and expand our operations in video—and eventually to other platforms. That’s why we’re looking to fill two new full-time staff positions immediately with smart and fearless writers and editors.


These are full-time jobs with competitive salaries and good benefits at the Gizmodo Media Group, where you will write stories, star in videos, go on wildly ill-advised adventures, and bring our audience of nearly 9 million global monthly readers the compelling and intelligent stories they deserve. Both are for seasoned writers and editors; applicants without published clips or past experience will not be considered.

We expect to grow a lot in the coming months, but at the moment here’s who we’re looking for:

Technology and Transportation Reporter

Want to cover the future of cars and how we’ll get around? This is the job for you, especially if you have a healthy disdain for Silicon Valley hype. We’re looking for an experienced writer to primarily cover new technologies, electric and autonomous vehicles, startups like Tesla and Faraday Future, but also transportation in a broader sense—everything from infrastructure to space travel. This writer will cover the daily grind of news while making time for longer feature and enterprise reporting. Investigative experience is a major plus.


The ideal candidate will have experience covering this beat already, but we’re also considering car-savvy writers who want to turn their eyes to the future as well. And they’ll be eager to cover the beat the Jalopnik way—with honesty, irreverence and a willingness to go after stories no one else is doing.

Candidates will primarily be considered in New York to work out of GMG’s mothership. Apply here.

Reviews Editor

Everyone who loves cars wants to drive them. But can you craft stories that tell enthusiasts and general consumers alike why they matter, or don’t, in a compelling and memorable way? If you can, and if you live, eat and breathe all things automotive, this is the job for you.


Jalopnik’s reviews editor will be tasked with helping us devise a new car review system (everyone hated the numbers, remember?), grinding out timely and well-written tests of new cars and vintage ones, reporting the news about what’s going on in the car world, and writing stories that explore how automobiles matter to our culture and world in ways the ubiquitous “Mustang vs. Camaro” magazine tests cannot. It should go without saying that this editor will have a strong presence in our videos.

It should also go without saying that you should know our voice and our style. We don’t want some blowhard who sends us their lap time. We don’t care about your lap time. We want you to light our hair on fire the way no one else can, without the smarmy, cliché bullshit that makes us roll our eyes so hard they fall out. Don’t be that person.


Candidates will primarily be considered in New York, Los Angeles and Detroit. Apply here.


Click the links above to apply, or go here to see all of GMG’s career openings. Our sister sites Gizmodo and Lifehacker are also currently hiring.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments or email me directly at patrick at jalopnik dot com. We look forward to talking with you.