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We love the Mighty Boy. It might just be the cutest li'l production truckcar ever. And Australian authorities are attempting to frame it for a crime it didn't commit. On Good Friday, Cliff Perrett was having lunch with his family, his trusty Mighty Boy parked right outside. Meanwhile, some other motorist bombed through Mansfield at 109 km/h and was Gatsoed. Mansfield's halfway across the state from Perrett's residence, and his Mighty Boy, well, it tops out at 90km/h. We call a pox on the speed cameras of Victoria for their shameless anti-Mighty Boy bias. But, like the A-Team, we're sure the Mighty Boy will flourish and continue to be a force for good in the world. [Thanks to Scott for the tip.]


Mighty mix-up over speeding fine [Herald Sun, Australia]

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