Jalopnik Invades The Guangzhou International Auto Show

Though we've given you a week of in-depth LA Auto Show coverage we couldn't just let a major auto show pass without keeping you, our treasured readership, up-to-date with the latest news. That's why we've all jumped on the company jet and charted a course for the Guangzhou International Auto Show, which is where we're reporting from now. You might be thinking to yourself "it's 2 am in China, how could they possibly be putting on a show?" or "didn't that already happen this week?" or "how could you have possibly gotten Gawker to charter a private jet and send you all the way to China to cover a show that isn't even the biggest auto show in China?" All we can say to that is "shhhhhhhhh." Don't worry your pretty little head about the details. Just sit back and enjoy the ride by following the Guangzhou International Auto Show tag.


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