We were lucky enough to receive an awesome gift last night, the seventh of the crazy eight-day candle-gasm (yes, we just used a Jewish holiday and one of the blogging no-no's β€” so sue us, we're busy being overjoyed) that is Hanukkah. Apparently the new Jeremy Clarkson DVD, The Good The Bad The Ugly, is only available in the UK (don't know that for a fact β€” it's merely what we've heard). But whatever the availability state-side, it matters not because we got it. Eighty minutes of Clarkson ripping through cars like the Corvette Z06, the Chrysler 300C SRT8, the Jaguar XK β€” and ripping up cars like the Toyota Prius with high-caliber ammo. But one of the segments features the drop-topped "concept" of the Ford GT, the GTX1. We've had the opportunity to see in person twice β€” once at the Woodward Dream Cruise, and once at SEMA this year β€” but we've never seen it in the hands of someone like Jeremy. Enjoy my pseudo re-gifting above.

Jeremy Clarkson - The Good The Bad The Ugly [2006] [Amazon.co.uk]

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