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Brothers Ben and Eric Bostrom are motorcycle racers (Team Ducati and Graves Yamaha, respectively) and adventure seekers who were fed up with the lack of anything approaching style in the motorcycle industry. Setting out to reverse that trend, they launched a line of caps just as the trucker-hat phenomenon was finalizing its Kutcher-induced slide into uncool. But they're just in time for a niche resurgence. Adorning the headwear are stylized images of the BozBros and family in mid thrash. Our favorite is the "Dad" hat (pictured), which features a shot of papa Bostrom rocking the narsty Triumph in a 1960s-era TT race at Gardena, California's Ascot Park. It's Perfect for those who've been particularly naughty and aren't real broken up about it. $35.

"Dad" hat [BozBros]


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