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We intended to check out the Yahoo! Custom Autos/NOPI heads-up race in front of the venerable Frontier on the Las Vegas Strip the second-to-last night of the SEMA Show. We really did. We sauntered over from the Stardust, met a group of friends over outside Gilley's, attended the poolside outdoor pre-party, consumed a fair amount of industrial-strength Folgers-esque brew and and waited for the 3am kickoff of the drags. Alas, one by one, our friends buggered off for sleep.

By the time Chris Rado and Paul Efantis squared off for the 500-foot runs in their parking lot-constructed Evos, we'd left an hour before, tired of the bad music, bro-hams and the cold, deciding instead to head off in search of some of Vegas' ahem other attractions with the two die-hard pals of ours who remained. Thankfully, the NOPI folks wrote it up on their site, so we can bask in all of the ragged glory of blown head gaskets, boost-cut issues, and thrown rods. Oh, and in case you didn't feel like showing up either, Rado's team won.

NOPI Motorsports makes history with the first ever sanctioned drag race on the Las Vegas Strip. [NOPI]

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