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• Anyone seen the "car jockey" FFWD Bar ad yet? It's like Mastercard...priceless. [YouTube]
• On Detroit's People Mover...we'd have it back up and running in what? Like 4 days? San Jose...2 hours. Let's hear it for Cali! [AP]
• CNet reviews the Dodge Caravan. How fun must that have been? [CNet]
• Article opener: "George Harris has already spent a few thousand dollars getting his Louis Vuitton-monogrammed car ready for Derby cruising. 'Ya'll can't stop Derby cruising,' he says. 'We ain't gonna let 'em.'" No. We ain't, but we sure as hell won't be watchin'! [WHAS11]
• Oh look — GM, Delphi and the UAW are playing so nicely! Even GM's stock price soared...isn't that cute! [Freep]
• Bad News: Someone slashes your tires and puts sugar in your gas tank. Worse News: You have a premature baby who you need to get to appointments. Best News Ever: Golling Chrysler gets you a new car. [PRNewswire]