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• So yeah, it turns out that the whole GM/Delphi/UAW buyout deal is kinda a big thing. [Freep, Detroit News, NYT, The Other 949 Related Google News Stories]
• Florida legislator wants stiffer penalties for leaving children unattended in cars. Talk about low-hanging fruit. [WFTV]
• How does it take five miles for a truck driver to realize he has a car jammed into his rear end? [WHSV]
• I am so glad we decided to buy one of those Indian Tour buses instead of a Mercedes like these poor saps. [Detroit News]
• Wow, you mean they give their suppliers awards? Well, that's the Toyota way. [PRNewswire]
• Speaking of Toyota, they've announced pricing for the Scion tC Release Series 2.0. No, not the boxy one. No, the other one. Yeah, the one Katie thinks could "grow on her". [PR Newswire]
• "Mem' the corners of my mind...Misty water-colored Chargers...Like we used to drive..." [Edmunds]