Braking is the science of turning kinetic energy into heat. The faster you can do it and the more repeatable your equipment the better at braking you'll be. This test was done with the truck alone from a speed of 60 MPH down to zero, and repeated four times. Here it's important to record not just the minimum stopping distance but the average of the runs, as repeated stopping induces brake fade, a condition where that transfer of kinetic energy to heat can no longer take place as the brakes are too hot. Once again, the trucks are outfitted with Ricardo measuring equipment and operated by the same driver, all safety systems are active.

Braking: WINNER - Toyota Tundra


With whopping big 13.9 inch brakes on the front and 13.6 inch stoppers on the back, it's no shock the Tundra solidly outperforms its competitors. With 5,800 lbs to drag down to a stop its a good thing its got those boat anchors too. The Tundra stopped with an average distance of 150.5 feet with the shortest stop coming in at 144.34 feet. That figure absolutely crushes the GMC Sierra which somehow finished last even though its Chevrolet brother came in second. The thing they don't tell you about those Toyota brakes though is how much they'll nag you like an overwrought nanny when the traction control gets even the slightest whiff of fun.

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