Jaguar XJR Does The Impossible, Goes 100,000 Miles

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Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt your regularly scheduled weekend programming to bring you shocking footage. Despite all evidence to the contrary, we're able to provide video proof a Jaguar product can indeed go 100,000 miles. Suck it, Joe Lucas.


With holiday travel and trips all over the place, I've been driving much more than I thought, putting miles on the XJR at an appalling rate. It was on the way home after Thanksgiving I realized the car was closing quickly on the 100,000 mile mark. Naturally I panicked, as historically, putting 100k on the clock of a Jag was like putting 800k on a Toyota. The fear started to set in, some irrational stupidity telling me something terrible would happen now that I'd noticed those miles. Naturally the car made it home without incident, but then I tried to think of a way to do the car right for this noteworthy achievement. After a few days I decided nothing would suit the car better than crossing the mark under hard acceleration. So here it goes, proof positive a Jaguar product can go 100,000 miles without blowing up, catching fire, leaking oil, or burning through fuse boxes:

Realize what you've just witnessed is as shocking as seeing a Yeti riding a unicorn while fighting the Lock Ness monster. As a reward, it'll be getting a 100,000 mile service, which involves a great deal of inspection, a new supercharger belt, new brake pads and probably an oil pan full of fresh synthetic. Then a nice rest over the winter months. And now, back to your regularly scheduled Murilee Martin programming.

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