What do a dancing chicken, a dancing scientist, and a wild cat have in common with Mercedes and Jaguar? A lot. Allow us to demonstrate.


The new Mercedes S-Class has a feature called "magic body control." It's an active suspension system that is supposed to eliminate bad road surfaces. But that also makes for a less sporty drive. Jaguar doesn't stand for that in their big sedans, like the XJ, and instead of demonstrating it on track, they use analogous animals.

Mercedes previously used chickens to show off the ride of their car, and it's a weird analogy that actually makes a lot of sense.


First of all, if you move a chicken's body around a lot, it's head won't move. It's something I've never noticed before and is pretty excellent. Secondly, if you wave a chicken in front of a wild jaguar, it will be murdered and eaten. It's science.

Great ad.

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