Jaguar F-Type: Here’s More Of It

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Some crazy Dutchman leaked out new press pictures of the Jaguar F-Type and we got, like, five boners. Actually, there are a few new details that we can learn from these shots. compiled the new shots of Jag's sportiest new two-door, showing us how the car looks on the road, from above (nice pop-up spoiler), and from the rear.


It's those rear shots that give the most away. You'll notice that the silver F-Type has dual center exhausts, while the red one has quads, two tips on each side. This once again confirms that there are at least two engine options for the F-Type.

We expect to see the 340-horsepower 3.0 liter supercharged V6 as a base along with a more powerful V6 as another option. Then there's the 5.0-liter V8 for a possible Jaguar F-Type R. doesn't think that Jag would blow its supercharged V8 load as early as its first debut, but "you never know what the English do in their quest to Porsche march on stabbing." We told you the Dutch are crazy.

We've got two of our best agents heading to the Paris Motor Show as we speak, so we'll have all of the new details on the F-Type when it debuts there at the end of this week. We'll also have our own gallery of car porn to drool over in higher resolution than these leaks.


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Patrick Frawley

It's definitely attractive, although it should be considered on its own merits against its modern competitors instead of being measured against everyone's obvious instant yardstick, the E-Type.

It clearly comes from the same world as the Boxster and SLK. The wheelbase seems shorter than the E's (although I'm sure it isn't). It's not as purely sculptural as its predecessor; it looks stubbier, more muscular, not as lithe and graceful. There's a lot of other stuff the F has to do besides look pretty, and that's going to affect the looks significantly.

It's not an E-Type. It really can't be. Fifty years has seen a lot of change. I just hope everyone realizes this when trying to measure it against an impossible standard.