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We have to say that lately, the idea of snapping up an old Jaguar for cheap has been really appealing. And here in LA, there're tons of 'em. Then we start thinking, "Well, um, we could easily afford the car, but we can't afford the repair bills." Still, it might be fun to buy one just to do something ridiculously stupid with. Laverty's got the same ideer here, chatting up the company's '80s entry-level ride, the XJ40. Quoth the Lavat'ry, "Co-designed by Pininfarina, the normally reliable Italian had a field day with the XJ40; 'A corner here, a right angle there, and how about a pasta bake tin for the headlights, no?' Lord alone knows if he approved the dreadful cloth seats as well." We'll still take the XJS, thanks.

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