Jackrabbit: Hayabusa-Powered Volkswagen Mk1 Golf

It wasn't enough for H.R. Engineering to merely perform one of its signature front-to-rear-drive conversions on this Volkswagen Rabbit (Golf Mk1). Under this hood is bolted a turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa engine producing 350 hp. Apparently, as expected, the one-off is quite a handful — and it yells quite loudly, indeed. Maybe the next step is a call to Mr. Hartley for a V8.


Hayabusa Turbo-Powered Mk1 Golf [German Car Scene]

More Hayabusa fun [internal]

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Race-bred, high-revving V8 in a Rabbit? Fantastic. Production V8 in a Golf? Already done, and super badass. The Coupe de Golf is the daily driver of Cam Waugh, owner of CWS Tuning in Regina, Saskatchewan, and hauls ass, I've driven it, four cams and all.


He replicates the swap for appallingly little money.

I'm still hunting for a clean, early Passat wagon for the swap...