It's Way Easier To Import Into Britain, That's For Sure

Welcome to Sunday Matinee, where we highlight classic car reviews or other longer videos I find on YouTube. Kick back and enjoy this blast from the past.

Very few times while watching Top Gear, either old or new, do I feel the need to froth with rage. That comparison test of a Mercedes E-Class and a Camaro was one of those times, as it was just highly inappropriate from any way you looked at it.

This is another one of those times, though in this instance it's not because of anything Jeremy Clarkson & Crew did. Rather, it's the whole car-buying system in the US. In the United Kingdom it's a lot easier to go to the United States, pick up a car, pack it on a ship, and off you go with your lightly used Mercury Coo-GAHRE, as Clarkson puts it. It even has the benefit of being dirt cheap due to the pound/dollar exchange rate. I'm not entirely sure what it was back in 1992, but it's nearly always favored the Brits.


What bothers me most of all, however, is how nonchalant the whole thing is. If I want to import a British car, say a TVR, I need to either wait 25 years until both me and the car are elderly and frail, or I need to jump through a billion (I checked, it's a billion, though it may be a billion and one) hoops just to get it over here under Show & Display laws. C'mon Clarkson, you could at least make it look hard!

I give up. I'm moving to the UK, circa 1992. Everything's better there.

Insert Jeremy Clarkson-Miami Vice-Hair Joke Here.

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Why the hell would anyone in their right mind want to ship a Cougar, a Z28, or a T-Bird to a land that has so many better choices in cars than the piles of crap Americans put out in the 90s?

And while the F150 may be tempting, I would love, LOVE to see the face of the owner when he fills it up in the UK for the first time.