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It's the Time of the Teasin': Chrysler Drops Video of Detroit Concepts

Remember those subliminal ads from the 1950s that made people do weird stuff by flashing a few frames of undecipherable footage or leading text? They'd drop the words "I'M SO HUNGRY I COULD EAT A POUND OF MONKEY" into a commercial for kitty litter, and the next thing Phillips Milk of Magnesia would be flying off the shelves. Mission accomplished. Now, ahead of the Detroit show, DaimlerChrysler offers this video, which teases us with quick cuts of detail imagery from the concept cars it plans to unveil — that is, the Trailhawk and Nassau prototypes. You can't see much, but the footage of indigenous tribes pounding drums led us to break out our collection of National Geographic and look for boobies. That's what they wanted, right?

Illustration for article titled Its the Time of the Teasin: Chrysler Drops Video of Detroit Concepts

Exclusive Detroit Auto Show Preview: DCX Releases Sketches Of Chrysler Nassau And Jeep Trailhawk Concepts [internal]


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Me thinks the Nassau's going to be pretty neat-o.

That said, was that promo made with Power Point? Ugh!