Photo credit Dave7/Flickr

Hello and welcome to 2017! We have so much to look forward to, like the debut of the new Ford GT, dozens more Avengers sequels, and the inevitable heat death of the entire universe.

Like many of you we’re still off today for the New Year’s Day holiday, at home recovering from a weekend of giving 2016 the hard sendoff it deserved. We’ll hit the ground running with more car news than you can handle tomorrow as CES begins and leads into next week’s Detroit Auto Show.

Until then, like our well-received Christmas Saab Festival, we’re taking the day to run some hits from the archives celebrating all your favorite dead car brands. Saturn, Oldsmobile, Suzuki (in America), even Scion—let us come together and revere our dead car forebears so we can all move forward together. Or something.

What car stuff did you do over the long weekend? Any wrenching, racing, buying, and/or backyard minibike burnouts?