It's Speed Week Again: GM Takes on the Salt

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General Motors is making a full-scale assault on Bonneville this summer, having paired with both So-Cal Speed Shop and California Street Rods (builders of ZZ Top's Eliminator). So-Cal chopped an HHR (making it an HLR?) and their Tony Thacker mentioned to us not long ago that they expect it to run well over 200. Plus, they're bringing back the Ecotec Lakester, modeled on Alex Xydias' legendary belly tanker. Automobile's Don Sherman will take his second shot at piloting the diminutive land-bullet.

Over at CSR, Chuck Lombardo's crew teamed up with four female college interns to build a Cobalt that GM hopes will break 160 MPH. We at Jalopnik would like to take a quick break from our usual snarky commentary and genuinely wish every racer on the salt this year a safe Speed Week. To warp an old Catholic Discipline lyric, speed records must fall. [Thanks to Dave Thomas for the tip.]


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