It's Not a Car Show, It's a Dubfest

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Thankfully, "dub" in this context refers to "Vee-Dub" as in shorthand for Volkswagen, purveyors of German automotive goodness rather than the more recent colloquialism coined by dunces with oversized pants, whose taste in music sucks rancid bologna and whose cars invariably inspire barely concealed snickers of derision on our part no matter how well-armed the owners may or may not be. The Overboost boys rolled out to Irwindale to check out Dubfest 2005, which also included Volkswagen's meth-addled stepbrother, Porsche. The Porsche Club of America guys handled the autocross portion of the event, and all manner of German iron was on hand for the gawking; from silly Rabbits to still-feel-gone scions of Dr. Ferdinand hisself.

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