It's Maximum Skoda Day on Jalopnik!

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Some days you wake up with a bug up your ass. That happened to us this morning, so after digging out an overly-zealous scarab, we decided to declare today "Maximum Skoda Day" on tha august Jalop. With all the traffic generated by a shady Swede a-sploding his Enzo, we figured why not hand the people another piece of unobtanium? Or a few pieces. Hell, if we do some shallow digging, it doesn't seem like we'd have that much trouble unearthing some photos of Skodas in pieces as well. And after all, it's the only automaker ever to have survived the control of the Austro-Hungarians, the Eastern Bloc communists and Ferdiand Pi ch. Vive la Skoda!


Skoda Auto [Wikipedia]

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