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Australia's Elfin created just short of a riot at the Melbourne auto show a couple of years ago, when the company unveiled its radical Clubman and Streamliner prototypes. Now, Elfin says it's making its MS8 Streamliner roadster available to 100 bushrangers (and the shelias who sweat them) who've got around $90,000 American burning holes in their knickers. Weighing a svelte 2,400 lbs, the droptop is built on a tubular space-frame chassis and powered by a Holden-sourced 5.7L V8 producing 325 hp (443 ft.-lbs of twist), linked to a six-speed manual and limited-slip diff. It also comes with ABS, 18" wheels, and other aggro accoutrements.

[G'day to Modern Racer]

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