Let’s be clear: it straight up sucks that this guy’s Lamborghini is on fire. Nobody deserves that.

A few days back, this white Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera caught fire after pulling off a highway in Seattle, as Carscoops reports. It doesn’t appear that anyone was hurt. Both the driver and the passenger were able to safely exit the vehicle and retreat to a good distance before the fire fighters showed up.

But if you watch the accompanying video, taken, according to the caption, by a nestcam from a building across the street, there’s an odd sense of serenity about the unfolding of the whole thing. Maybe it’s the heightened angle. Maybe it’s how slowly the flames erupt from the engine bay, starting out as delicate petals and growing to a black smoke-erupting inferno. Maybe there’s just something peaceful about watching destruction from above.

I’m kind of surprised by the lack of urgency from the two people who climbed out of the burning Lamborghini. Why are they not running around more frantically, especially after someone hands them a fire extinguisher? Are they veterans to burning Lamborghinis?