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It's Gran Turismo 5 Versus Forza Motorsport 3 In Dueling Ferrari Italia Tributes

It seems Ferrari asked both Polyphony Digital and Turn 10 to show their new supercar in Gran Turismo 5 and Forza 3, respectively. Compare the two vids to each other and to our live shots below.

Polyphony's version is definitely more a lingering look at the new Ferrari, which hasn't always been a part of Gran Turismo. Conversely, including Ferrari was a big deal for Forza in its early days, but they haven't always gotten the legendary Italian cars quite right, with early screenshots of the game earning criticism for strangely long-nosed Enzos. Will Turn 10 get the Italia right?


Here's what the car looks like in the metal.

And here's Turn 10's effort at linking the new Italia to previous Modena icons.

[via GTPlanet]

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The GT5 tribute features much nicer music and more satisfying views of the 458. The FM3 version wastes too much time on other models. While they did allow the engine noise to come through it's clipped and buried under the music.

The GT5 version has nicer graphics, better textures and reflections and a higher polygon count. On the other hand, there's something unnatural about it all, it feels too spare. And the cars are so excessively glossy they look like they're made of porcelain. It's apparent the graphics haven't been really updated at all from GT5 Prologue.