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• It's just another day in fantasy league world - football, baseball and now, FoMoCo. Word. [KickingTires]
• Oooooh, Alex Taylor III, senior editor of Fortune, we have a feeling you may be in a tad bit of a pickle. Oopsy. [Bos Says]
• It's just like a killing ants in a burning inferno via magnifying glass, except it's your car upholstery burning via your Nalgene water bottle. Hot! [AutomotiveBlogs]
• Insert standard "How Many ___ does it take to ___?" joke here. This one's about traffic police and towing cars. Heh. [Daily Heights]
• A plane crashes into a car and then crashes into a horse, causing minds everywhere to expode whilst pondering the culmination of the evolution of transportation. Awesome! [Gadling]
• Something about the lady who founded some website about women and cars or something. Yay! [In Women We Trust]

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