It's Electric, Eh?: Ford to Build Hybrids in Canada

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Man, how easy it is to default to the stereotype when we're writing about Canada. With that in mind, we'd like to offer a couple of news items from the Great White North: 1.) Somewhere in Canada, a man named Neil just cracked open a beer. 2) Ford of Canada will build hybrids at its Oakville Assembly Complex west of Toronto beginning in 2010, including volume production of its Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX hybrids. That plant is already undergoing a $1 billion upgrade that will allow it to produce multiple models on separate platforms. In the two crossovers, Ford will employ its full hybrid system, which like Toyota's can drive the vehicle's wheels using electric power alone or use the electric motor to assist the gas engine, like in GM's and Honda's mild hybrid systems. Also, just like at Toyota's Canadian plants, Neil will not be allowed to drink on the job.

Ford Taps Muppet for Escape Hybrid Super Bowl Spot [internal]


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