It's Back-To-Back Rescue Attempts In Today's Online Off-Road Adventure

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Jalopnik’s unofficial Twitch show Talkin’ Trucks And Getting Stuck is back at its regular time, 4 p.m. pacific (right now!) and I’ve got an exciting two-part rescue quest cued up for us. Come hang watch in real-time.

For those who haven’t tuned in before: Every(ish) Tuesday at 4 p.m. pacific time (7 p.m. eastern, natch) I host a couple of hours of SnowRunner on the live video game streaming platform Twitch. SnowRunner is a fairly realistic off-road simulator, so I provide live commentary, narration, and general truck discussion while working through off-road logistical scenarios. Twitch lets me do a little picture-in-picture action to hang out with you.


And of course, the best part of watching live is that you can drop comments in Twitch’s chat window and I’ll answer pretty much any question that gets posed.

For those who have watched before, welcome back! Last week’s expedition was an absolute disaster:

Illustration for article titled Its Back-To-Back Rescue Attempts In Todays Online Off-Road Adventure
Screenshot: SnowRunner

Yeah, see, I tried to get one heavy truck down a hill and it got stuck. Then I brought another rig in to rescue it, and, well, it got stuck between the stuck truck and a tree. Finally, I pulled a third truck into the fray... and they all got bogged.

This time the plan’s a little simpler. I’m going to drive a U.S. Forestry Service-spec utility truck down a bumpy dirt road to repair a big heavy-duty truck. Then, I’m going to try and use that heavy truck to rescue another truck somewhere else. If that works out and a lot of people want to keep watching, who knows, maybe we’ll try to pull a third tragically trapped rig out of the slop.

It’ll be a busy day. And, of course, I’ll probably get hung up on some nonsense along the way. Come on down!

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PyroHoltz, join f@h team Oppo 261120

I soooo wanted to like this game. Got it, muddled through the training mission and got to the AK section and just couldn’t get into it.

I felt like whenever I wanted to explore I would get stuck, like the game devs wanted to make sure I used the right vehicle to get somewhere specific. This seemed like a forced limitation.

Maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance but it was just soooo slow going and what’s with the lifeless world? Like, not another living creature around. It just didn’t keep my attention, not excitement.

I totally enjoy real life off-roading and sadly this wasn’t what I had hoped for.