We received the following note from Dennis Palatov of dp Cars. If you're not familiar with Dennis's exploits building his own track-day sled, the DP1, from scratch, you should get so. He's in the process of testing a 2.8-liter, 32-valve Hartley H1 V8, essentially two Suzuki Hayabusa engines made to occupy the same space, in an Ariel Atom before using it in his own creation.

I just drove the 'busa v8 equipped atom for the first time yesterday. That's the motor which is going into the production version of the dp1. Just putt-putting around for now but the motor sounds and feels awesome. the video doesn't really do it justice because of the electrical interference noise but with a decent set of speakers and a sub on a computer it gives you an idea. On laptop speakers all you hear is the noise :(

Sure, it's only an around-the block test, but the dramatic tension is palpable. Can you feel it? Can you? Say you can so we can move on. [dp cars]


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