It's A War Over The Delta Wing

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Panoz-led Delta Wing consortium files lawsuit against Ben Bowlby and NissanRacer

Put your reading pants on, this is a long one, and an interesting one.

The Delta Wing consortium, led by Don Panoz, has filed a lawsuit against its former designer Ben Bowlby and former engine-supplier Nissan for "damages and injunctive relief arising out of theft of confidential and proprietary information, misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of contracts, unjust enrichment, fraud, and negligent misrepresentation."


A Goodbye to Paul WalkerAutomobile

A lovely tribute to a fallen friend of the auto industry.

Paul Walker? Influential in my life? Come on. No way. But here I am, watching The Fast and the Furious for the thousandth time, feeling a little lost.

The Bishop Rotary ValveAuto Technology

"I attempted reading it twice, and got most of the way through the first bit." — Raphael Orlove With an endorsement like that, how can you not read this?

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