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Italy Has Amazing Police Cars

Illustration for article titled Italy Has Amazing Police Cars

As our friends at r/cars have discovered, Italy has some amazing police cars. Pictured here is a Polizia-issued Alfa Romeo 159 sedan, which you can see in action right here, alongside a Lamborghini Gallardo:

Worth noting is that whoever designed these cop cars took the time to ensure the paint followed the contours of the car’s body. Just because they’re hunting down criminals doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look right.


Italy has a tradition of using gorgeous cars for law enforcement, as can be seen in the very academic documentary, The Italian Job:


Nicole Conlan is a writer and comedian living in New York. She has written and edited for Jalopnik, SB Nation, and Sports Illustrated. Nicole also writes for the UCB Maude team Goodbye Handsome. You can contact her on Twitter right here.

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Aircooled, no room for equipment, no spare seat for members of the public, hardly a comfortable office for a long day on patrol...